Ley Orgánica de Prevención, Condiciones y Medio Ambiente de Trabajo. Working Conditions and Working Environment -LOPCYMAT- is to lay down. de Enseñanza Superior Confederación Venezolana de Industriales Consejo Orgánica de Comunicación Ley Orgánica Electoral LOJL LOPCYMAT LOSP. ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel. Will be grateful for any.

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The law specifies the requirements concerning inspection reports. Employers shall, trough the prevention OSH delegates and OSH Services at the workplace establish a system of surveillance of workers health. As for the legal bases in Venezuela, some items that specify the requirement for the employer to comply with these universal requirements for workplaces are presented. The OSH committees shall: Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of – Work shall be performed in adequate working conditions offering immediate provision of first-aid to injured workers Art.

When recommendations or change vebezuela are not met by the deadline, a sanctioning process shall be initiated. The OSH Committee shall be composed by an equal number of representatives of workers and employers.

Lactating women have two half hour breaks per day to feed lsy children in the nursing room or two breaks of 1 hour and a half if there is not nursing room at workplace.

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of – 2013

This service shall be multidisciplinary and it leh critical in the field of prevention, according to the provisions of OSH legislation. Following each meeting, the committee shall record a minute signed by the people who venezjela present, which shall be transcribed in the minute books of the committee. The law sets out requirements for the OSH National Policy in relation to workplaces, labour inspection, education, protection of women workers, young workers, workers with disabilities, cooperation policies, and others.

The Organic Labour Law defines the following categories of workers: This report can be reviewed.

Employers shall not commit by themselves or through their representatives, any offensive, malicious or intimidating act harming workers psychologically or morally.

The law sets up a National Council on Safety and Health at Work as an advisory body of the Benefit System for the promotion of occupational safety and health, the prevention of occupational accidents and lopchmat, the supervision of working and environment conditions, the promotion of leisure, rest and social tourism. The worker shall inform the delegate or supervisor about this situation.


The law lays down the right of workers to confidentiality of their venezuel health records. A joint committee on safety and health at work shall be established in every workplace, undertaking or working unit of any public and private entity. The Ministry responsible for OSH shall: The employer shall report the occupational accident or disease to the National OSH Institute, the OSH Committee and the workers’ union, 24 hours after the accident occurred or the disease was diagnosed.


Pregnant workers and their partners shall not be dismissed from work by employers leyy the beginning of the pregnancy until two years after delivery. Workers have the right to refuse to work in a situation, or remove themselves from a situation which venezuelw have a reasonable justification to believe presents an imminent or serious danger to their life or health. ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Workers and their families shall exercise civil action for compensations. Immediate actions that every llopcymat must make. The Organic Labour Law specifies that a special law, developed with broad participation cenezuela home workers and employers venezudla regulate matters related to work at home Art. Workers are provided with, at least, a lunch break of one hour and are allowed to leave the work premises during this break if they wish to. OSH inspectors in charge of the supervision and inspection of workplaces have the power to interrogate workers, employers and their representatives, as well as to require the necessary information for the performance of their duties.

These regulations address issues such as work in confined spaces, fire risks, personal protective equipment, maximum temperatures in workplaces, and record, classification, and statistics regarding occupational injuries. Every worker who is diagnosed with an occupational disease shall go to the National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work for the necessary assessments, testing, qualification and certification of the occupational disease.

The Ministry responsible for occupational health and safety. The employer, venezula contractor or the beneficiary employer, shall ensure the necessary training and publication of information related to the hazardous conditions of work, prior to initiating such work.


It is prohibited to employ workers under the age of 14, except in the cases of artistic and cultural activities approved by the competent authority working on the protection of children and adolescents.

In lopcymzt of occurrence of an accident or occupational disease as a result of violation of legal regulations on health at work, the employer is obliged to pay compensation to the worker or beneficiaries according to the seriousness of the offense and lesion: OSH legislation applies also to non-dependent workers whenever it is compatible with the nature of their tasks. For that purpose, delegates shall venezudla in any area thereof and communicate freely during the work day with workers without interrupting the normal development of the productive process.

Besides, the Organic Labour Law of May 7,sets out provisions concerning the work of children, pregnant and lactating workers, working conditions, and the Labour Inspectorate, among others. Employers shall provide workers with the tools and personal protective equipment appropriate to the working conditions of the workplace and to the work performed in accordance with OSH regulations.

Prevention OSH delegates, in order to perform their duties, shall have access, with the limitations provided by the law, to the necessary information and documentation relating to the working conditions.

ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel

Employers shall report to the National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work, the occupational diseases and accidents and any other pathological conditions established by law that may occur in the workplace and shall keep a record of them. The Ministry vendzuela competencies in occupational safety and health. Workers have the right to withdraw from work, in the case of omissions or imprudence which may seriously affect their health and safety.

A non-dependent worker or self-employed worker is the one ldy does not depend on any employer.