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Law No. Establishing the Criminal Procedure Code of the Dominican Republic. Ley N° que establece el Código Procesal Penal de la República . Get this from a library! Código procesal penal concordado: normativa complementaria y notas explicativas: Ley [Félix Damián Olivares Grullón; Ramón. Código procesal penal concordado: normativa complementaria y notas explicativas: Ley 4 likes. Book.

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Although the library has a web base catalog, it could not be accessed off-site. The Public Ministry is composed by: A National Health Commission was created to promote overall modernization of the health sector. This law derogates Ley No.

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Most notable are revisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, undertaken to incorporate oral procedures reflecting a move away from an inquisitorial to an accusatory or mixed system, and changes in the Penal Code, enacted to improve access to those populations previously underserved, such as women, the poor, and the minors. An important reform took place in when Ley No. Libreria Juridica Virtual has a printed catalogue. The Legal System The legal system reflects the influence of successive occupancy of the island by foreign nations.

It replaces Law No. This legislation marked the beginning of significant reforms eliminating let to foreign investment and promoting the flow of capital into the country. Treaties and International Agreements.

The websites make accessible the full text of laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations and court decisions, international treaties, agreements and conventions signed by the Dominican Republic as well as the regulations set in force by the office. 76-2 Tribunal Contencioso Tributario Tax Lley is formed of five judges and has jurisdiction over appeals filed against decisions of the public administration regarding the application of taxes.


They predominantly hear police and labor matters, as well as any other matter which Congress, through legislation, empower them to hear.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

Code of the Minor 3. The Secretariat of State for Labor is the state agency responsible for overseeing the compliance of these regulations. The legal system reflects the influence of successive occupancy of the island by foreign nations.

Leg law 67-02 complemented by different regulations governing the three main institutions of the system: This new law provides for mandatory and universal coverage of all Dominican nationals and foreigners residing in the Dominican Republic against risks of aging, disability, unemployment, sickness, maternity and childbirth, and labor risks.

Two major law firms are: The government of the Dominican Republic has actively participated in the various activities of the Council of Europe concerning the fight against cybercrime. The Oficina Nacional de la Defensa Publica Public Defenders Office was established to provide legal assistance to those 76–02 could not afford to seek legal assistance. The Justices of the Peace are courts authorized to hear small claim cases.

This treatise is one of the most complete recounts of the history of lej in the Dominican Republic, since the colonial times to present. Trujillo, and finally democracy to present. Other special courts include: Scope of the law in the territory of the Dominican Republic to any individual or corporation, domestic or foreign person who commits an offense under said Law: The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over any cause of action brought against the President, the Vice President, or other public officials, as designated in the Constitution.


Social Security Law enacted by Law No.

The first National Constitution was signed, on October 22, He also pointed out that the Budapest Convention has equipped national authorities with the necessary tools to share information on an expeditious basis and it has especially 76-022 the identification and prosecution of cybercrime and counter organized crime. Code of Civil Procedure.

This recent Code reform effectively ended the French judicial tradition, originally adopted by Decree No. It was modeled after the Philippines and Australian Torrens system, and remains in effect today. Supreme Court of Justice 2. Thirteen judges sit at the Constitutional Court elected by the National Council of the Judiciary Consejo Nacional de la Magistraturafor a nine -year term and cannot be reelected.

These translated codes, with little adjustment to local needs remained as the law of the Dominican Republic for more than one hundred and fifty years [11]. International treaties and bilateral investment treaties now in effect in the Dominican Republic can be found at the following sites: Several efforts have been made by private entities to develop legal information databases in the Dominican Republic.

This Law restructured the legal and institutional framework of the public health sector in the Dominican Republic.