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What makes a solid-state amplifier musical? We’re justifiably proud of the performance of our products, so we’d rather you listen to what they can do instead of stand in front of them and look at a meter.

We eliminated voltage-gain stages that we used in the past and replaced them with current-gain stages. A lot of loudspeaker rkell are very capable, but their electronic abilities are not as great as ours because, obviously, they’re not in that business. Recording of December Dynamics, detail, acoustic space, virtuosity, delicacy, power, grace – everything is presented as it was captured in order to let you hear the musicality inherent in the performance or soundtrack.

Krell MRA Amplifiers

A huge, machined base as a foundation on which to build everything is required as bent sheet metal would collapse or destroy itself in shipping, as is an entire system of machined platforms or resonance control for every circuit board.


It would depend kkrell the level to which the music was being played and the efficiency of the speaker. How was it structured? They then bench test the entire amplifier as an assembled whole on the same pieces of test equipment into multiple simulated loads.

Krell MRA in like new condition most powerful amplifier [Expired]

krll Boulder uses toroidal transformers because they are the most efficient and stable even though having them made correctly is more expensive than other transformer types. Otherwise the dryer will use much, much more power when operating over time since it runs full-bore continuously during the drying cycle, using a large amount of power all the while.

Do speaker cables matter? Extensive mechanical resonance damping!

Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. No, any preamp will work, balanced preferred. Return policy is a question for their dealers. We’ve kind of put the lid on it because it’s too hard.

We can drive anything, so the electronics aren’t limited by what they’re connected to. As long as we don’t editorialize or try to change the qualities of the recording in any way, our amps should be musical.

Everybody used it because it was robust enough to allow us to have a lot of current and voltage output, but it was relatively slow and had erratic gain. Are your customers at all concerned about being Green?

In short, it will reproduce exactly what it is fed. At the very instant of the peak, a could if it were playing loudly enough into a low impedance load, but only at that tiny fraction of a second when the peak occurred. Do NOT however, plug and unplug connections with these amplifiers on. The amplifier itself will not react to the electrical characteristics of any cables being used.


Everything you receive from us is designed, engineered, produced and assembled at our facility in Boulder, CO. The KCT is a complete current-gain preamp. Log in or register to post comments.

Used krell mra for Sale |

I always like to do krwll that I don’t normally do, because it gives me experience and a broader base of knowledge. The transistor everybody in high-end audio used was really made for switching power supplies in motor drivers, not for audio.

Boulder’s listening room has Wilson Alexandria X-2 speakers tethered to Boulder mono block amplifiers. The two by one by three foot mega-monsters promise to be the biggest, baddest amps in the neighborhood. People are free to customize them as they lrell fit once they take delivery. The Best Jazz Albums of Then, five or six years later, we started petitioning them, asking, “Did you ever fix that device?