Note: This directory must exist, KompoZer will not create it. To include images and other files in the upload, select the box next to “Include. KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG editor to help you build web pages. It includes web file management capabilities found in many paid programs. When you publish your pages to a web server, KompoZer copies (uploads) your pages to a computer that lets others browse your pages. Most ISPs provide.

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We value your feedback! Once again, be sure to replace youraddondomain. To make it less likely that you’ll make a mistake later, you should probably place the PDF file into the very same folder which contains the web page linking to it. Type the URL web address of your website.

You’ve created and uploaded your first web page. Creating a Hello World Python script. PDF files create a poor user experience on your website. If you use Word, Powerpoint, or Excel files, save those files as Office files. You can learn of new articles and scripts that are published on thesitewizard. By the end of this chapter, you will be viewing your web page on the Internet with your favourite web browser.

Publishing your website using KompoZer

Look at the top of the window at the window’s title bar. Ask your service provider if they recommend a particular FTP program. To link to this page from your website, simply cut and paste the following code to your web page. So, instead of “proposal. Notice that you have prefixed “ftp: Site names remind you about the types of documents you publish at each ko,pozer. Soho Web Builder 2. If your FTP address is “ftp.


Help Center Search Search. I can’t tell you where you saved it since I’m not psychic, uppoad you’ll just have to find it yourself. If you later wish to publish to the site, you must re-enter uploda site’s settings. How do I block an IP from accessing my website? Regardless of how many sites you’ve set up, you can always publish a document to a different site by choosing Publish As from KompoZer’s File menu.

Enabling php to display in HTML files.

Publishing your website using KompoZer | InMotion Hosting

You can always return to this tutorial after you’ve learnt how to set up a basic website. Deleting a publishing site removes the site’s settings from KompoZer. Once you’ve got all the details, you’re ready to form the address you have to enter into the “Publishing address” field.

Are there broken links on the page? Site name for your reference, doesn’t affect publishing to the server. Was your issues resolved? How to Log Into the Help Desk. To link to this page from your website, simply cut and paste the following code to your web page. If you have eliminated all possible errors in your settings and still get an “Unknown publishing error”, check my FAQ on uoload.


For more troubleshooting tips, see Solving Common Publishing Problems. One reason we’re going to do this now, even before we’ve finished the page, is that KompoZer needs the information about your actual website’s address or URL before it can correctly handle things like links and images on your web page.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact our support department. How to tell if MySQL is up on your server.

In some cases, this URL is the same as the publishing address. Copyright by Christopher Heng. If you have set up more than one publishing site, but you typically use only one site for most of your publishing needs, you can designate the site you use most often as the default publishing site.

A menu will appear. Otherwise, visitors arriving at the page between the time you published it and the time you uploaded the PDF file may click the link only to get your File Not Found error page.