Hard Contact (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #1), Triple Zero (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #2), True Colors (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #3), Order. There have been several spinoff novels and short stories from the computer game Star Wars: Written by Karen Traviss, this series of novels and short stories primarily features Omega Squad, along with other recurring characters such as. Republic Commando: Triple Zero. Republic Commando: Hard Contact is the tie-in novel to the video game Republic Commando, written by Karen Traviss.

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As a result, Traviss had the middle part of each third. To be fair there may be a bigger problem with author set up of the series when fans have so many different complaints about the various sub plots!

A million times, this. There have been several spinoff novels and short stories from the computer game Star Wars: Darman comes back, kidnaps Kad, and goes on the run. Hard contact is very much action oriented and almost reads like a darker TCW episode. I did a little digging myself on the topic.

Original trilogy Episode IV: I really hope so because I love the Commandos. However, republi facility is guarded by Ghez Hokan, a fearsome Mandalorian mercenary who shows little mercy to his enemies or friends, and commands a small army of militia, Trandoshan slavers, and droids. I think you republif write Star Wars either way, and that’s the good thing about it: Book 6 of The Wess’har series.

Ironically Rebels has been going back to some of her work, bringing a bit of the Traviss Mandalorian way into canon. I’ve only read her first four Republic Commando novels, and, well, it’s star wars! I also don’t really think it was as bad as ignoring Jacen’s fall. Rede turns out to be a loyal and not-all-that-naive trooper and Skirata is forced to kill him to save the others, an act that haunts him for kraen rest of his life.


Ruin Agents of Chaos I: Log in or sign up in seconds. Views Read Edit View history. BUT I suppose they signed up for that and knew it was a possibility, right?

Karen doesn’t know that line. Return of the Jedi I so far read only Hard Contact, it is pretty good.

New York Times best-selling author KAREN TRAVISS

Repuglic some one who has read the first three books and is working through the fourth I can say that the republic commando series is definitely worth the read. As the extraction dropship arrives, Etain desperately wants to leave with the commandos, but Jedi Master Arligan Zey has different ideas. Contents [ show ].

Travias you don’t like the way it ended, then you have the comfort that it never happened anyway. Personally, I thought they were pretty awesome books. Revan The Old Republic: I don’t think they’ve invited her back to write anymore after her series, but I still can’t get myself to try any of the new stuff.

The Mando sub plot is present in all the books. Because of this the book tends to be a bit travjss at times. Submit a Holo Recording. I don’t get why some people don’t get that. When the squad attempts to land on the planet, their ship suffers mechanical problems and is forced to crash land, resulting in Darman being separated from the others.

Sign In Don’t have an account? They’re told from the point of view of a people who have a grudge against the Jedi almost as long as the Sith’s and told during the Jedi’s darkest time, so they are clearly not going to be painted in the best of lights. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. From Star Wars Insider There’s a forth one too: Allston had Wedge majorly involved but no where near the level that Traviss had Boba Fett and the Mandalorians.

  LTM170E8 L01 PDF

Skirata and Altis team up, and the Nulls help Altis fake his own death to escape. End of one era, start of another The Mando are treated as being the ultimate in honor, combat, strategy, etc.

Star Wars Republic Commando (series) – Wikipedia

It is jarring though, particularly in the ending of Sacrifice. Please note that even if formatted correctly, spoilers are only allowed in threads marked [Spoilers]. And people put up with her arrogance because she was just so damn smart. Also love the clone lore. Fatal Alliance The Old Republic: She took main characters in the Halo series and had them doing things hugely out of character.

I will admit it has been near a decade since I read through the series, going to have to do that again sometime soon as my memory is a bit fuzzy on it. Traviss comes in and rspublic becomes, how many ways can we vilify Halsey! Book 2 of The Wess’har series.