NAVIO™ Surgical System Powering the JOURNEY™ Partial Knee System Available for unicondylar and patellofemoral joint replacement, the NAVIO system. Consult Blue Belt Technologies’s entire JOURNEY PFJ catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ VuMedi is a video education platform for doctors. Over doctors use VuMedi to improve patient care and grow their practice.

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The pegs for all four sizes are constant, so changes in implant sizes to optimize fit can be made through trialing. The Journey Patello-Femoral replacement is part of the Smith and Nephew system for selective replacement of all or part of the knee. Total knee replacement using the Genesis II prosthesis: Second generation implants improved upon implant design, but instrumentation continued to be less sophisticated, relying on freehand preparation which can be highly variable.

A new answer for isolated patellofemoral OA.

JOURNEY PFJ Surgical Technique | VuMedi

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The literature cites the loss of bone, meniscus, and ligaments as detriments, particularly for younger, more active patients. We are not aware of published results.

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Abrasive wear of oxidized Zr Frequently such individuals have ;fj disability in their 50s and can be helped by patellofemoral replacement which removes very little bone and is therefore much preferred to a total knee replacement. We do not make your details available to any third parties nor do we send unsolicited emails to our members.

Get in touch with us or arrange a visit from a member of our team. The procedure will journeu correct any fixed deformity of the tibiofemoral joint which therefore should be regarded as a contraindication. Given the relative rarity of isolated patellofemoral OA, a straightforward, easy-to-use technique is critical. Resurface patella if desired.

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Patellar resurfacing is optional. Patellofemoral arthritis in the presence of a normal tibiofemoral joint, preferably in older patients. The implant is manufactured from Oxinium oxidised zirconium and is said to have an anatomic design, with a deepened and lateralised trochlear groove, optimised for patellar tracking.

The radiologic prevalence of patellofemoral arthritis. Change location South Journeg – New. Similar Devices of 1. Which Medical Device is a community of clinicians sharing knowledge and experience of the devices and procedures we use on a daily basis. Related Devices of 2. The JOURNEY UNI and PFJ knee systems have been engineered to empower patients with a renewed right to an active lifestyle and seek to bridge the gap of improving patient satisfaction and implant longevity through function, motion, and durability.


What are the treatment options? Overview Does isolated patellofemoral disease exist?

Smith & Nephew | Journey PFJ Patellofemoral Joint System

Registration is quick and free. Most suitable cases will have developed PFOA following extensor mechanism instability which is usually associated with trochlear dysplasia. Jourbey, RS, van Steijn, M. Radiographic patterns of osteoarthritis of the knee joint in jourrney community: Fixation The distal peg is convergent in order to enhance fixation.

Sign in Forgot Details? Powerful precision Accurate alignment Studies have noted the importance of aligning the patellofemoral implant in external rotation to optimize patellar tracking and reduce laterally displacing forces.

Smith & Nephew | Journey PFJ Patellofemoral Joint System | Which Medical Device

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