Editorial Reviews. Review. Set during the Tiananmen Square uprising of , The Crazed, a novel from Ha Jin, the award-winning author of the. The Crazed [Ha Jin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book A Washington Post, Los Angeles times, and San. A New York Times Notable Book A Washington Post, Los Angeles times, and San Jose Mercury News Best Book of the Year Ha Jin’s seismically powerful.

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The historical context was interesting. In their biography, Mao: In the Santayanan sense then it is doomed to repeat its worst mistakes.

Its theme – the truth-telling madman and the impact he has on his disciple – may be an old one, but it is dynamic. The prose is restrained, terse, and elegant.

This is not the case with Jian, who joins the movement to escape his life. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Professor Yang, a respected teacher of literature, has had a stroke and it falls to Jian Wan – who is also engaged to Yang’s daughter – to care for him.

It isjust before the Red Army cracks down on the student movement. Learn More About The Crazed print.

The Crazed by Ha Jin | : Books

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Meimei, who basically wants to live in Beijing at all costs, gives him an ultimatum: Lyrical and heart-breaking, The Crazed is an incisive portrait of modern Chinese society. Lyrical and heart-breaking, The Crazed is an incisive portrait of modern Chinese society.


Is this ultimately a coming-of-age novel? Vital as it is to keep the atrocity in the public mind, his account has little to add to what we already know. As time goes on, however, Professor Yang reveals bits about his private life and what he thinks about the life of a scholar, leaving his student crazef piece together these fragments of information.

A stroke victim sometimes babbles nonsense that just might be more truthful than his pre-stroke talk. The uncorrected proof copy of this book te the author of the National Book Award-winning Waiting.

The Crazed Reader’s Guide

William Heinemann Ltd, Professor Yang is severely changed by the stroke and has fits of delirium. In a China convulsed by the Tiananmen uprising, those who listen hhe the truth are as much at risk as those who speak it.

June 10, October 2, Kinna.

From the brilliant author of “Waiting” and “War Trash”. Because Professor Yang’s wife is in Tibet and his daughter is in Beijing, Jian Iin and a few other devoted students including the good-natured country boy Banping and the quietly intelligent Weiya opt to take care of Professor Yang in shifts until Mrs.

I know there is a lot of meaning in this book, but I didn’t give it as much thought as I could have.

The Crazed

Signed by Ha Jin directly on the title page. How anyone could be “mystified” by the end of this book, or could have “no idea what Ha Jin was trying to say”, leaves me incredulous. Thus Jian under the stress becomes one of the “crazed,” too. I might try one of novels given a higher rating, but as this was my first book by Ha Jin, I am not yet particularly impressed.


It would seem that Yang, the obvious candidate for a label of “crazed”, may in fact be the only sane character in the story.

The book deals with the politics of the time prior to the Tianamen Square disaster and the aftermath and deals with various relationships of young people. This causes confusion and doubt in Jian, who hopes to follow his mentor into academia.

I love how you say that it looks at how individual actions add up to significant events, and that not everyone has the same experiences or motivations. Published by Random House first published An absolute “must-have” title for Ha Jin collectors. The other responds, “yes Tiananmen Square flashback and a strained relationship. He lives in the Boston area and is a professor of English ceazed Boston University.

The Crazed by Ha Jin.