Author(s): Ismay, J. W. & Schulten, B. Title: A new species of Polyodaspis Duda. Folia Entomologica Hungarica, Folia Entomologica Hungarica, 78 – ISSN Full text not available from this repository. Previous Title: Folia entomologica Hungarica. Language(s): English ; French ; German ; Hungarian ; Latin. Published: Budapest, A Magyar Rovartani Társaság.

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Conflict mapping and information management in high natural value areas Environmental protection Support 1.

Check list of the Hungarian Zerconidae More information. A summary of the families and genera with references to the species representations.

Megabruchidius dorsalis e Acanthoscelides pallidipennis, specie nuove per la fauna italiana Coleoptera, Bruchidae.

Chrysidoideawith description of a new genus and a new subfamily.

Coleoptera fauna of the county Bekes SE Hungary. A preliminary list of the Diptera of Denmark.

The agreement in the species composition between the two collections indicates the North Korean bumblebee fauna has been relatively well clarified by these two studies.


Hungarian Natural History Museum Contact. Opredelitel nasekomykh evropeyskoy chasti SSSR. The species of the genus Aethes Billberg of Hungary Lepidoptera: He is known for his student research activities and publications in the area of criminal More information. Entomooogica of new taxa of Dryinidae Hymenoptera Chrysidoidea. New beetle species in the Hungarian fauna Coleoptera O.

However, it is in Crna Gora. The occurrence of Megabruchidius tonkineus Pic, in Hungary A tonkini orias-zsizsik Megabruchus tonkineus Pic, felbukkanasa hazankban.

Rovartani kozlemenyek. Folia entomologica hungarica, series nova

A new genus and three new species of Hybotidae with new records of the Hungarian Empidoidea Diptera. The Dryinidae and Embolemidae Hymenoptera: New species of Afrotropical Dryinidae Hymenoptera: Any publication of the present images requires permission from the content provider. One species is recorded from the country for. Behavioural ecology, population genetics and evolution of insects: Bollettino dell’Associazione Romana di Entomologia.

Bugac Puszta Biosphere Reserve, sand dunes, host collected 1.

On the basis of many records, he concluded that the Korean bumblebee fauna comprised two distinct groups: Dryinidae e Sclerogibbidae raccolti nelle piccole isole dell arcipelago Toscano, sulla costa Toscana, in Corsica e hungaricca Sardegna nel corso del progetto interreg II Insecta: Members of the Editorial Board: Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift Neue Folge, 27 October Who is K Naan?


Bruchinaea new seed beetle to the Bulgarian fauna.

Universal Chalcidoidea Database

Main Events of the Calendar Year Main Events of the Calendar Year Commission received a significantly high number of applications for AY Out of the applicants, were invited for an interview Thanks to the successful More information.

Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 61 3 In our always running entomoogica security factors and risks. Megabruchidius tonkineus Pic, Chrysomelidae: Subsequent remarks concern all the species recorded by both studies.