2. C C Product. Submersible pump for pumping clean water, surface water and waste water containing solids or long-fibred material. Denomination. Dataplate. rpm. Max 40°C. YSER/Y//V. 26/51A. kWhp. Date: Flygt CS MT. Use our handy online form to submit details on your existing Flygt pump to get a Flygt C Submersible Pumps Range Flygt C LT Submersible.

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The clearance between the impeller flggt the wear protection should be minimal. Check that the impeller is firmly seated and can be easily rotated by hand.

Inspection plug Oil plug 4. Make sure that the earth ground conductor is longer than the phase conductors. For more information contact your Xylem representative.

Flygt 3000 Series / C Submersible Pumps

Lay the drive unit on its side. Arrange the connections on the terminal board in accordance with the required power supply. Support straps are required for deep installations. The pump will jerk in the opposite direction of the impeller rotation. Make sure that the pump is correctly connected to earth ground.

This guideline also applies to the control circuit. Safety regulations for Ex-approved products in potentially explosive atmospheres Guidelines for compliance Compliance is only fulfilled when the pump is operated within its intended use, for example within its intended hydraulic range.


Use an insulation tester. Lower the pump into the sump. This conversion is done on the terminal board. Place the pump on the base and make sure it cannot fall over or sink.

Flygt Series / C Submersible Pumps

Failure to do so may result in hearing loss or violation of local laws. Make sure that you follow these requirements: Remove the impeller screw or nut. For tlygt information, contact your Xylem representative VFD-supplier. Measures to secure performance and pump efficiency are defined and decided for each individual application.

The correct direction of impeller rotation is clockwise when you look at the pump from above. Check the oil level in the oil housing.

Depending the pumps model, do the following. Major overhaul To secure a long operating lifetime for the product. Limitations The warranty does not cover faults caused by these situations: Make sure that you understand the noise glygt requirements in the environment where the pump is installed. This is an example of a product code, and an explanation of its parts. If there is a question regarding the intended use of the equipment, please contact an Xylem representative before proceeding.

If the pump has a hole with the markings “oil out” it is important that this hole is used for drainage. Check that the impeller can rotate freely.


Flygt – Alaska Pump and Supply |

After raising the unit, allow it to run for a short time to discharge all remaining pumped media liquid. Knock off the wear ring using a hammer and a chisel.

Replace any defective equipment. For more information, see Check the impeller rotation page To pass, the value must exceed 5 megohms. Replace the oil plug O-rings. This dlygt access to the terminal board. Flygt Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual 9 Transportation and Storage Lifting equipment The lifting equipment must fulfill the following requirements: Earthing grounding Observe the following regulations for earthing grounding connections.

Safety equipment Use glygt equipment according to the company regulations. Hydraulic part Installation type Sales code Product code The product code consists of nine characters divided into two parts.

Tightening torque, see Torque values page FM approval plate Product denomination Flygt Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual 15 Product Description Sales denomination The sales denomination consists of the four-digit sales code and two letters that indicate the hydraulic end and type of installation. Insulation Use a megger maximum V.