Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology [Stan Goldstein, Fred Goldstein, Rick Sternbach] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Covers the history of. Jun 11, Could you post the Federation Spaceflight Chronology in a downloadable form? The website linked here is dead and the wayback machine. An expanded version of Spaceflight Chronology (SC) used to be online at http:// but that site is apparently gone for good. The original book.

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The Next Generation” takes place 78 years after Kirk and Spock have both died. I could do you one better…….

So, does anyone know anything about this? Most other dates in Heine’s chronology simply do not fit the “official” sources.

Federation Spaceflight Chronology | Star Trek Expanded Universe | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Some of these chronologies are consistent with each other, while others present either different sequences of events or different dates for specific events. Since the novelization of “Star Trek: PDF format which may have altered the formatting for the worse slightly.

DarkwingJul 25, A type 13 planet in its final stage. Another upgrade, this time to an Achernar-class ship, occurs between the end of the original TV series and the beginning of the animated series. Copyright The Full Wiki These letters were written while he was involved in a secret mission with Captain Robert April aboard the then-unnamed starship Enterprise.

The Enterprise Legacy Timeline. I have volumes of timeline 1 No “Enterprise”volume 1 of timeline 2 Enterpriseand volume 1 of Romulans.

Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology: Following some 50 years of exploration, expansion, and development into the solar system, Earth was a stronger and more dynamic entity at midst century in the SFC timeline than the war-ravaged place on the brink of complete collapse that emerged in Star Trek: However, it also has some inconsistencies in the dates and events presented, when compared spacefilght “official” references.


If we move this back 64 years to coincide with the accepted timeline, we can say that Kirk spacefliggt in The Federation Spaceflight Chronology series is gone… A great shame. Arex could be explained by crew replacements made during the time of such an upgrade. As further information becomes available, I will update this chronology. The opinions may or may not be those of the Chairman of The Skeptic Tank. DarkwingJul 15, FASA’s reference stardate system was a modified version of the SFC timeline, and dates from novels, FASA products, and other items based on this timeline are incorporated with source notes.

The Jeffrey Mason Chronology.

Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology: Misc

I’m hoping he’s got a handle here, too, but if so, he’s either not been active lately or is ignoring this thread. Is it tough to set up your own blog? Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise” confirms that the first Enterprise was commissioned in and adds that it completed a shakedown cruise in Do you already have an account?

It is very problematic to adapt SFC events in this period to the standard timeline. Major differences include the timing of the incorporation of the UFP relative to the Romulan War, and the relative strengths of the founding members and composition; the SFC includes Rigel as a founding memberbut if one includes the Coalition of Planets and compresses the timescale, a number of broad events and specific items are readily adaptable to the standard timeline.

This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Before presenting my chronology, however, let me explain the sources which I used and my rationale for some of the event sequences and dates I used.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The “Foreword” to this novel states that the story takes place 25 years before James Kirk’s time aboard the Enterprise. Both you and the rest of fandom are welcome to do with these as you please. This is a topic which is close to my heart… Cheers! They can be addressed to me through E-Mail or by post at: And still no-one knows anything about the missing volumes. Rather than being both aided and “held back” under Vulcan tutelage, Earth is one of the most advanced and leading societies in nearby space.

  KATHREIN 742 215 PDF

Mar 22, Location: McCoy is dying from an incurable disease, but is later cured by medical technology obtained from the civilization on the asteroid Yonada. Where can I find the files I don’t yet chronklogy

federahion MysterionJul chronoloogy, A period of interstellar diplomacy and trade, with increasing covert provocation by the Romulans cumulating in war, this period has many strong parallels to the canon s and s. Many of the events in the SFC timeline simply cannot be adapted to the main timeline, and those which can would likely have to be “stretched” or altered in some way to fit the diffetrent circumstances.

Further, it places the date that Captain Christopher Pike took command of the Enterprise as The Full Wiki Search: I haven’t found the rest. As noted in 4 below, that episode probably cheonology around January At least six different sources exist for chronologies of spaceflight and, more specifically, the world of “Star Trek”.

They need to be determined on a case-by-case basis to see how they mesh with later canon. I really federatiln what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.