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Calculation of constraint reactions; auxiliary equations, free body diagram. Access to the web portal Username. Skip to main content. The final evaluation eseritazioni performed through a 2-hours written exam with one or more exercises depending on their complexitysimilar to those proposed during the course, and with one or more questions on the theoretical contents.

Cardinal equations of statics.

The goal is thus to develop in the student the ability to solve a problem of analysis of the stress esercitzioni strain patterns within structural beam models. In the course real objects like beams, frames or structures are studied, they are a valuable support to the intuition and they allow to easily understand the meaning of the mathematical models adopted to face the problem and to find its solution.

The student will be able to deduce simplified models from real structures and to describe from vioal quantitative point of view geometries and materials of a civil construction.

Expected learning outcomes This course gives to students the efasmo necessary to perform validation and design calculations of simple structural elements subjected to different load configurations. The aim is that of developing in a sound and rigorous way the basic issues, by making clear the physical meaning of the mechanical models which are introduced and their limits of applicability.


The final structure is this: The oral interview is based on two or three theoretical questions. When the written test gets a positive grade eesrcitazioni. It also provides basic knowledge on the fundamentals of structural computing.

Principio dei lavori virtuali e teoremi sul lavoro di deformazione

The use of supporting material books, lecture notes, formularies, etc. Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources Notes provided by teachers.

Note for Erasmus students: In particular, rigid-body systems, statically determinate and undeterminate structures and linear elastic deformable solids will be dealt with.

Up to 1 additional point can be achieved on the basis of the report about the facultative experimental test. After the course the student will be able to use fundamental theory and analysis techniques to solve basic problems in structural mechanics and understand the behaviour of structural elements under different load actions.

Le verifiche di resistenza – Erasmo Viola – Google Books

Prerequisites Vectorial operations, matrix operations, basic issues of linear algebra, analytic geometry, differential geometry, functions of one or several variables concept of limit, differentiation rules, integration rules, Taylor series.

Reference texts Lecture Slides available on https: A few classnotes, self-evaluation tutorials have been assigned so far for the final are available for free download in PDF format on the teacher’s web site.


The student will be able to determine the support reactions, axial force, shear force and bending moment diagrams for a statically determinate plane system of beams and to determine stress fields in a beam according to De Saint Venant’s principle. More Information In the Course website student will find Course notes and solved tutorials. Students retrieve password and username Personal Teachers, TA, etc.

Exam dates are known in large advance and students have to book on-line in due time, at least 48 hour before the exam; students failing to comply with this requirement will not be admitted to the exam room. Pure and deviated shear: Theorems of Betti, Clapeyron and Castigliano. In case the necessary financial support will be granted, a tutor will be available to help students improving their skills.


The course general overview is developed downstream of this process, when the student has gained adequate knowledge of the base notions and familiarity with the operational procedures. Application to the calculation of displacements and rotations in statically determinate and indeterminate structures and to the solution of statically indeterminate structures.

In detail, these are the: The basic background of high-school and of first year’s class Mathematics and Physics is assumed as a necessary prerequisite. For further reading on the theoretical aspects of the course: