24 Items AC – Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate – Small installations up to A single phase supply – DCN For the initial certification of a new. and notify all your work online using ELECSA’s new online certification system. . all ELECSA registered contractors; No license fees or any software to install. Only an ELECSA Registered Domestic Installer responsible for the construction of the electrical installation is authorised to issue this ELECSA certificate.

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Users found this page by searching for: The wiring regulations prescribe the provision of electrical installation certificates for all electrical installation work that is not maintenance. They will accept work done in your own place – so could you replace your CU – the schemes aren’t really interested in whether the job has been notified in my experience and you do have 30 days certjficate notify As sparksburntout has said I would be up front with building control and tell them you are in the process of applying and this job will be inspected as part of the process.

Have you considered Stroma? Or would I absolutley have to complete the NVQ level 3 don’t get ceetificate wrong, i’m planning on completing the NVQ level 3 anyway, just wondering if I can start issuing certs for installs after the or not.

So if I have a level 3 and I have the 17th edition and thecan I issue certs for installation of new circuits or complete rewires, without registering with them bodies?

I’m guessing these are the certs that I’ve done myself without registering with anybody i. The building regulations require the work to be of good standard and generally complying with the wiring regulations and, under Part P cerrtificate the building regulations, for certain aspects of domestic installation require that the work is notified to building control as said by Rolyberkin above.


Did I understand that correctly? If there is a building control notice in force ie for a new build or notifiable building work you can piggy back onto and notify under this, you would probably have to provide copies of your qualifications with certification. This site uses cookies. Danny GrayDec 12, Hi guys, I’m a little confused as to how to go about providing certification for domestic.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Insurance, qualifications, etc elextrical havent had the funds or time to follow it up.

But i’ve recently learned that you don’t neccessarily have to be? What extra qualifications would I need to be able to certify for commercial and industrial also, is it just the ?

No, create an account now. Then get the paperwork into Stroma asap.

Discussion in ‘ Electrical Forum ‘ started by nDec 11, Here in industrial and commercial work they may require you to be registered with a specific body to allow you to work on their installations, often NICEIC registration is the one specified, usually they would mean approved contractor status in this instance but they possibly do not understand themselves what they are requesting.

To register with the NIC, one of the requirements is that they want to see previous certs I’ve completed. Firstly yes you can issue a certificate, don’t get issuing a certificate confused with notifying building control to comply with part P, they are different things. Domestic Part-P non-notifiable work testing and certification. Do you already have an account? Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement.


Stroma can be really quick so get on the phone asap.

ELECSA Online Certification

Richard BurnsDec 11, MurdochDec 12, Share This Page Tweet. Yes, my password is: The other thing i’m now confused on is that these CPS schemes like Stroma ask for previous certs I’ve done.

Registration with a self certification body would require you to provide electrical installation certificates for work you have done. MidwestDec 11, What certification do I need? All non notifiable work seems to only need minor works cert. Then you are on to accepted electricao and conditions stipulated by employing operations.

I really can’t think of certifocate work that is not notifiable that requires the certs. This can be slightly different to registration for Part P purposes only. Multiple issues to address here. MurdochDec 11, Is that really true? DPGDec 13, Initially there are two separate sets of regulations: Electrical Forum Nov 10, You need no more to do commercial, probably just ensure you have adequate Pli.

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ELECSA Online Certification

Your name or email address: It’s all beginning to make more sense now. Stroma won’t accept a CU change as a piece of work for your assessment they will only expect two new circuits, the job you electrcal done for building control sounds fine for them to look at, is it part of a bigger job i. If so how does it work, who do I contact and how much does it cost?