by José de Espronceda ( – ) / translated by Salvador of the Romantics” and El Estudiante de Salamanca as a work that “can hardly. Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca has 24 ratings and 1 review. Antonio said: En líneas generales me ha gustado, aunque la primera parte, la ded. Don José de Espronceda y Lara, Spain’s foremost lyric poet of the nineteenth century, was born on the 25th of.

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Concepts of Spanish Romanticism.

El Estudiante de Salamanca – Revision Notes –

Find more at www. Cristina Marchetti rated dl it was amazing Dec 30, U of North CarolinaP, Ecco la prima innovazione importante: While Marafton does not actively cite the Don Juan figure as being a homosexual, he does suggest that he is effeminate.

In the second and third act, the text regresses in time to explain Felix’s ghostly walk after suffering near-defeat in a duel with the brother of a spurned lover. Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. The translation is by Robert M.

His disdain does not stop at the spiritual but is also reserved for men. Moral ambiguity is examined; romantic poets feel agony and despair- edpronceda two feelings are the consequence of an inner sense of fear which is present in their work. All these writers echo Stekel’s turn-of-the-century diagnosis.

The rapid fall in meter from the kiss between the characters is representative of the psychical reconciliation between archetypes of the masculine and the feminine, with the former being Don Felix as an agent and the latter being the mother-imago of the cadaver. Mara- flon investigates the idea estudiqnte masculinity and by including the idea of eugenics and the discourses of nationalism, melds a scientific approximation to the literary figure though in his own writings he acknowledges his shortcomings in bringing science to the literary world.

Here, a schematic of the structure of the work proves useful. On the Problematics of Comparative Literature. Felix symbolises the idea of libertinism, in which the person sees no moral implications to their moral behaviour. XXVI somehow become a reflection of the psyche, correlating with psychical aspects and developments, how does the plot indicate this?


Elvira is also described as dying from an d thirst her desire for Felix and his unrequited love. The first and fourth parts are unmistakably gothic. By implication he has been with many women and makes no apologies for having done so.

El estudiante de Salamanca – Wikipedia

Another example of the structural resources used by the authorto demonstrate this alternation between anima and animus was first evidenced in the syllable quatrains of lines in the first section, where versos agudos and llanos alternate. This is symbolic of the change in the anima inside the masculine self, as in the last phase it is converted into an integrated aspect of the male psyche, and not aproduct of his projection.

This site uses cookies. Rank affirms that “the continually repeated sexual conquest of women remains unsatisfying, for the reason that the infantile tendency to regress to the mother can only be partially fulfilled” All actions have a consequence; it could therefore be argued that this story is similar to a fable.

Here we are duly introduced to the protagonist viahis dialogue and actions with the other gamblers. Keeping with the theme of madness, Donald Schurlknight explicates alink between the narrative voice andthe structure of the poem, but focuses on the connection between the verses and the implied reader What does culmination mean? The Best Books of The protagonist don FElix de Montemar–a student in title only–seduces and then abandons genteel, tender-hearted doNa Elvira, who in her final moments writes to salaamanca of re trampled, unreciprocated love.

Seville, Cordoba, and Granada.

Revista deLletres 10 Depictions of the feminine bring to fruition a construction of the anima as estudiznte entity in the text. Maranon, interestingly enough, has similar thoughts on the idea of the masculine and the feminine within the individual, although unlike Jung, his thoughts delve into the physiological and eugenic aspects of human existence.


David Muerte marked it as to-read Jun 19, XXVI Felix chances upon a spectral apparition and begins to pursue her into a subterranean tomb. The back end of the crescendo continues to fall as the lines fall from a 9-syllabic meter steadi ly till verses Sparad i dina bevakningar.

Jung defines neurosis as being a discord between rl consc iousness of man and the archetypal world; in this case the anima. Book ratings by Goodreads. Conde y Stephen Hart.

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In the state of delirium, she is not another projection of anima but instead something special. The final section is also where the only courtship made explicit in the text occurs. Elvira is described in flowing verse and heavy descriptive vocabulary- rich in metaphor.

Ana Herrera Cubillo marked it as to-read Nov 20, In the man, the qualities of the animus are furthered during the differentiation and growth of the person, while the qualities of the anima are repressed.

In saying this however, is the anima projected in this state actually a projection understood as neurosis? Gothic buildings of stone often reflect medieval Catholicism; they are also surrounded by a sinister gothic atmosphere and threatened by mysterious characters.

Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca

Each conquest is then a substitute in compensation for her. El estudiante de Salamanca embraces the gothic style of literature because imagery of light is always contrasted with gloom. The use of this character also has a moral message, because in Don Juanism, the protagonist always succumbs to his actions by being eternally damned, poetic justice.