Range Description. Dryomys nitedula is found from Switzerland in the west through eastern and southern Europe, Asia Minor and the Caucasus to central. Mammal Species of the World – A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference. Third edition. ISBN IUCN: Dryomys nitedula (Pallas, ) (Least. Species: Dryomys nitedula; Common name: Forest dormouse; Synonyms: Eliomys angelus, Myoxus dryas, Myoxus intermedius, Dyromys milleri, Myoxus pictus.

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Mammals typically use tactile communication during mating, conflict, and rearing of young.

They have been observed to occasionally emerge to eat from stores of food. Andrea Chiocchio 1. These nests tend to be clustered in groups. Paola Arduino 1.

Dryomys nitedula

Taxonomy of the USSR mammals. They also have the ability to produce ultrasounds which are used for communication. In the Ntedula Dormouse populations, the sex ratio is practically 1: During the dependency period, the mother provides food, milk, grooming, and protection to the young.

Dormice are also preyed upon by pine martenstone martenswildcatsowls and crows. In Israel, forest dormice stay active throughout the year.


This species has a natural tendency to create temporary nests which are fragile. This species constructs in trees. Not much information is available on the mating system of this species.

ADW: Dryomys nitedula: INFORMATION

However, when efforts are made to hold them, they bite with their sharp teeth. About ecology of the Forest dormouse in Fergana valley.

Dryomys nitedula is nocturnal, occurs at low densities, and individuals are very careful to not travel away from brushy nitedkla. There are many programs in place to help maintain and increase the forest dormice population.

Before this fossil was discovered, the oldest recorded fossil of a placental mammal was teeth aging million years old. Dryomys nitedula can be expected to live up to 5. The gestation period lasts days; 2 to 9, more oftencubs are born. The Forest dormouse Dryomys nitedula Pallas, They are niteedula shaped with a diameter between mm to mm. Woolly dormouse Dryomys laniger Balochistan forest dormouse Dryomys niethammeri Forest dormouse Dryomys nitedula.

The fossil has skeletal features that are closer to modern placentals than to marsupials. Male parental care has not been reported, but cannot be ruled out, either. However, in Europe breeding season is much shorter as it drypmys in March dryoms only lasts until the end of August. Mack, ; Nowakowski, Key Behaviors arboreal nocturnal motile sedentary hibernation daily torpor solitary territorial Range territory size Soviet encyclopedia, p. It has been noted that they may allow humans to pet them.


When the young are born, they weigh about 2 grams.

Forest dormouse

Dryomys is considered to be very similar to Eliomysbut is smaller. Therefore, during mating season they produce offspring who also stay in the same general area when they mature.

Dormice njtedula the diet of owls in the Middle East. There are six pads on each paw.

Mack, ; Obuch, In northern parts of their distribution, such as in Europe, forest dormice hibernate from October through April.

Vibrissae are in the form of bushy tuft, one fifth the head length.