Difference between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur! Of late, a new breed of entrepreneurs is coming to the fore in large industrial organisations. They are called. As both entrepreneur and intrapreneur share similar qualities like conviction, creativity, zeal and insight, the two are used interchangeably. When you type “Entrepreneurs vs Intrapreneurs” into Google, you get 1 Million + results. Is there a real difference between the two, or are both.

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Intrapreneurs are very similar.

Difference between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur – Explained!

Thomas is also a writer. An entrepreneur works in a newly established company. This is a big hindrance. An entrepreneur uses his own resources, i. Contrary to autonomous entrepreneurship, in case of intrapreneurship, the risk is shared between the firm and the intrapreneur who is the supporter and developer of the firm’s creative capabilities. Furthermore, investing in a new way entreprenfur doing business means having to allow for time and being patient.

Since, last few decades, it has been noticed that people give more entreprdneur to innovations, which lead to the rise in the number of startup companies year on year.

Anna has seen both: These corporates want to have their intrapreneurs off-site in order to get them to focus more on innovation and creative problem solving in environments that encourage out of the box thinking. Of late, a new breed of entrepreneurs is coming to the fore in large industrial organisations. What is more that they are causing a threat to the organisations they left? The primary difference between an entrepreneur and intrapreneur is that the former refers to a person who starts his own business with a new idea or concept, the latter represents an employee who promotes innovation within the limits of the organization.

Entrepreneurs are found anywhere their vision takes them.

Difference Between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur

Jan thinks that the transition occurs more often from being an intrapreneur to becoming an entrepreneur: This is because the world is changing rapidly with differemce advancement in technology. Subscribe to our Newsletter.


Whereas entrepreneurs take these options for granted. At WeWork there are global corporations, such as VISA, that locate their innovation labs in these high-energy environments. At the Founder Institute, they classify their entrepreneurs into six categories, which represent different styles of working. But I feel that incubation should come a little bit later on, once the idea has been validated further.

Building the Entrepreneurial Muscle One of the crucial questions for both the individual and the organization, is: Intrapreneurs work within the confines of an organization. An intrapreneur is nothing enterpreneur an entrepreneur within the boundaries of the organisation. Having an income is a business model.

If you hire someone to work as an intrapreneur or to create a new way of business, you have to give trust to this person. He depends on corporate owner. Diffeerence, entrepreneurial people have parents that are entrepreneurs. If the top management is not convinced to really invest in new developments, in a new way of working, betweeen will be a big failure. From an ROI point of view, I think the return is much greater investing in intrapreneurs because a lot of company knowledge and network does not need to be initially acquired and it will stay within the organization.

Difference Between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur (with Comparison Chart) – Key Differences

For the past ten years Thomas has also been a part-time clinical professor in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, where he teaches students the entrepreneurial mindset based on the five principles of effectuation.

Entrepreneurs that do well seem anr be very plugged into their local community and use it as a support network, which can often be missing for intrapreneurs. Trevor Owens at Javelin. As an intrapreneur, you need to be more of a change catalyst and build traction within a corporate amd while lacking hierarchical power. The entrepreneur thinks of a compelling goal, all the while having an intrinsic motivation, and taking small, not necessarily linear, steps to achieve it.


Easy to learn and to understand it… Thanks again Cause i think have pass my exam with this explanation. Thanks a lot to all the readers for sharing your views with us.

The important distinguishing points between entrepreneur and intrapreneur, are given in the following points:. What makes entrepreneurs and intrapreneur similar is the passion to see things through to the end and the courage to face failure. As an intrapreneur, you need to be more comfortable andd being aligned with the corporate strategy and the corporate goals because it all needs to add up to something that is worthwhile for the entire company.

Entrepreneurship is the dynamic process of creating incremental wealth. Both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are creative individuals willing to use their skills to develop broadly understood innovation. Jan would recommend looking for a high degree of social intelligence in the beteen.

Differences between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur – Assignment Point

He does not fully bear the risk involved in the enterprise. Thomas would have a hard time joining a company like Philip Morris, unless he was allowed to use the knowledge available to intraoreneur people stop smoking which is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Entrepreneurs are always the market leader regardless of the number of competitors because they bring a relatively new concept in the market and introduce change. Intrapreneurship is the entrepreneurship within the organization undertaken by the working people for making the organization competitive and sustainable in the present market and open economy Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship sound similar but they have got the difference in their meaning and significance.