Regeneration of Pouteria lucuma (Sapotaceae) plants in vitro of P. lucuma was attempted. . Reyes C () El cultivo del lticumo (Pouteria lucuma [R et. Por su consumo en los diversos paises latinos, la lúcuma se le conoce con distintos nombres como: • Lúcuma, Lucma (Perú). • Logma, Lúcuma. Granados-Friely, J.C. () El cultivo del zapote en Guatemala: investigación, desarrollo e industria. Lucuma Calzada-Benza, J. () Frutales Nativos.

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Roots and tubers were: According to Prosky et al 20 the method lacks of sensitivity when evaluating samples with low level of soluble dietary fiber.

The demand for food particularly with benefits for health is high, but it will increase over the future years.

Meaning of “lúcuma” in the Spanish dictionary

Maca grows at a habitat of intense cold, extremely intense sunlight, and strong winds. The most relevant plants cultiov to Lepidium meyenii are rapeseed, mustard, turnip, black mustard, cabbage, garden cress, and water cress. Preparations from the maca hypocotyls were reported to be of benefit for health [ 3 — 5 ].

The purpose of this study was to find and provide dietary fiber information to consumers and processors, determining the soluble SDFinsoluble IDF and total dietary fiber TDF in those cultivars by using the enzymatic-gravimetric methodology based in AOAC Y, between may 22 Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get The aims of this review are to summarize and assess the evidence from experimental and clinical studies for or against the effectiveness of maca in the improvement of different functions.


The kaniwa variety cupi had the highest total dietary fiber content. Sample determinations for insoluble dietary fiber IDF and soluble dietary fiber SDF content were performed by quadruplicates so that protein and ash determinations in the fiber residues could be determined by duplicates following experimental design earlier reported by Marlett and Vollendorf 8; standards deviations were calculated and used for the estimations of the confidence interval C.

Peruvian cultivars have called attention due to their bioactive components, but no dietary fiber information was available.

The brightly painted ice cream shop, named after the Spanish acronym for an unidentified flying object sightings of which are frequently reported hereis plastered with UFO paraphernalia. Appearing out of nowhere like an oasis at kilometer The main components of SF have been identified as pectin and hemicellulose and interestingly in our study Killo acoto showed also the highest values lycuma SF among native potatoes, suggesting that this variety may also have greater plasma cholesterolreducing properties since that property luccuma observed in pectin rich food rather than in IF rich ones except for oats fiber.

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis10, The content of total dietary fiber in amaranth variety centenario presented similar values to barley Maca has been used for centuries in the Andes for nutrition and to enhance fertility in humans and animals [ 12 ].


The salcedo variety had the highest content of dietary fiber, similar to the values of kaniwa.


Fruits, from different regions of the country, showing sensorial maturity were sampled and purchased from the producers market at Lima – Peru.

Also, such results expressed on fresh weight were comparable with red potato data reported by Marlett and Cheung View the discussion thread. Chemistry, Physical Properties and applications. Dietary fiber content information from commonly consumed peruvian cultivars is provided here. The roots, he was referring to were maca. Potato huayro variety is commonly used in dishes such as stews and sauces where absorption of juices is sought. Skip to main content.

Some of these values are very similar to wheat Fruits were characterized in terms of acidity, Brix, protein and ash content, following AOAC 7 procedures. Fractions determined as fiber using this methodology includes hemicelluloses, celluloses, lignin, pectin, nondigestible oligosaccharides, gums and waxes.

This tuber has a high content of oligofructans. Maca was probably domesticated in San Blas, Junin present day: Food Chemistry80, There are no reports of adverse reactions after consuming Lepidium meyenii in food [ 4 ].