BOMA (ANSI/BOMA Z) is also still used in some marketplaces; primarily in ultra-competitive, downtown core markets where landlords are. Landlords and owners must select one method and use it to measure the entire building – you cannot mix and match. ANSI/BOMA. Z 1st Ave. S Seattle, WA Measurements taken from record BOMA documentation and revised to comply with the release of the BOMA office.

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Ready to enter your building? Create or Update the PDF file displaying an entire floor showing the layout, suite numbers and rentable area for vacant suites. Maddy Lines, a fearful organizer played by Vickie Banti. A ratio between the total area of the floor and the total usable bomq within suites on the floor is calculated. Typically used for space planning, it does not contain tenant names or tenant area references. A ratio between the total of all the floor rentable areas and the total area of the building including building common areas such as the lobby and mechanical spaces is calculated.

Understanding How Square Footage is Calculated in Your Lease | JL

Method B allocates the common areas in the building is a way that results in all the floors having the same gross-up factor. Your email address will not be published. Advanced registration includes a copy of the Office Standard e-book.

Also, if a floor corridor configuration was changed, then the gross-up on that floor would change. Thank you to the Committee for putting on such a fun, exciting, successful event.


Multiple changes that may be submitted collectively: The drawback is that this method relies on a concept of “imaginary circulation” that can be confusing.

Exceptions include new buildings that have received a Certificate of Occupancy bom 12 months of the due date, and also multi-family buildings with boka than 17 combined utility accounts including tenant and owner accounts. Thereafter, annual benchmarks are due every June 1st. The standard uses a spreadsheet that performs these calculations from left to right so that it is easy to follow.

BOMA Standards

Method B creates a single load factor or gross up for the entire building by means of two innovations. Sign up to receive emails on our newsletter and upcoming events.

At JL Architectswe goma that it be precisely spelled out as: You can think of this as treating all the suites as though they were all on a single floor. The benefit of Method B is that it allows landlords to apply a single load factor ratio to all of the space in the building. Proposed layout of office space within a suite, used to determine suitability for potential tenants.

While this might seem like a simple square-footage calculation, it is usually anything but. You can call 1 and dial 0 or email support spacedatabase. Are you working towards your RPA? This concept can also be used to allocate areas bomz by multiple buildings previously known as Campus Area or Complex Common Area. This is the circulation or corridor configuration blma would be required in a typical multi-tenanted floor layout.


Associates Bpma Chairman Steven Delmonico and his committee put together a great evening of suspects, clues, and fun. Do I have to Comply? The usable area of each suite is calculated.

There is a standard, a z65.1 and there are different methods for calculating office, store and industrial areas. This was our first time with this event and it was a great success due to the efforts of our Associates Committee.

It sounds complicated, but it is quite rational and logical. Congratulations Mixer Committee for an outstanding job!

Glossary Term Defined

April 12 Associates Night Trade Show. The next innovation is to then gross up all the useable space in the building equally.

Common areas are allocated on a floor by floor basis. For all upcoming events, scholarship opportunities and educational classes, please visit our website at http: For some buildings, this will mean a decrease in the rentable area. The main difference between the and standards is that the version includes a method to proportionally allocate building common areas as well as floor common areas to suite rentable areas.

There are also so minor differences in how area lines are to be determined.