Midi foot controller fcb • Read online or download PDF • Behringer FCB User Manual. Midi Foot Controller FCB – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 2. MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions in the accompanying.

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The pedal has ten preset buttons, a pair of up and down buttons, and two expression pedals. It can send up to five different Program Change messages, two Control Change messages, and Note messages at one time. Perhaps another writer will fill in the original ship date.


GcbDec 28, Manuzl, you press button 1 until it begins to flash. To program pedal 1, tap it so it starts blinking 8. Do not worry about 101 is displayed here! Programmable, for all other effects IO: This works fine if you like the factory presets and don’t need to make any changes to the presets. Disagree x 1 List. Yes, my password is: Plus an easy-to-use programmable configuration for all other effects boxes and custom setups – even multiple effects boxes simultaneously!

As such, rules and standards of conduct will be applied that help keep this forum functioning as the owners desire. Allows you to select behringee factory preset from an external controller.


In addition, both expression pedals can send Control Change data for each preset. Fractal Audio Systems Forum. Usually one never programs anything at a gig. Press UP to save the changes and the light stops blinking If you are looking for a similar set up, here is how to do it. These settings are Global, meaning that they are present within all presets in the G-Major.

Your right mahual is now assigned as MOD 2. Keep footswitches 1 and 3 pressed while switching on the unit This bit you can’t do standing up!

This is for sure one of the best pedal controller. Wed Jan 03, 6: First of all, I have to give major thanks to Voes.

Again, for me personally I like both. Ensure that 05 appears in the numeric display 2.

You can repeat this step, except using M2 Modifier 2 for the right expression pedal. The left number is steady, and the right number is blinking.

Videos : Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller

Send me an email letting me know you are upgrading. Thus you can choose a preset, then turn on an effect, and not have a visual cue as to which preset is enabled. Tap pedal 8 so it starts blinking Press pedal 3 to turn its light on Make sure this is working before you proceed any further.

Jun 22, Messages: No, once I realized the fcb was best bang for the buck.


The green 11010 LED will now light up. At least I’ve never owned a better foot pedal in any price range. But for the moment, please exit programming mode press Down for about 3 seconds and go see if you get anything to respond to the button you just programmed.

Second, manuak is a rundown focused on how I decided to set things up. Hey Ross, Thank you so much for those step by step instructions.

Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller Video Manual/Tutorial

So if your distortion is on, and you change to a bank that is off, the light will remain on and you’ll need to tap it twice to turn the distortion on. Press UP to set the lowest value – we kanual 00 use expression pedal A to set it if it isn’t already there The users on this board have provided me so much helpful information, and I hope this can prove useful for some others.

I said that I use a dedicated midi in for the fcb Each button has an LED above it. Press UP to set the highest value – we want here use expression pedal A to set it Here it gets interesting.