The picture with the title Asejire Dam, Osun River Nigeria was taken by the photographer diranadesua on 22 June and published over Panoramio. Asejire. Asejire Reservoir The Asejire Reservoir is in Oyo State in the south west of Nigeria on the Osun River, about 30 kilometers east of Ibadan. The reservoir was . Photos taken near Asejire Reservoir. These photos are taken within a few kilometers from Asejire Reservoir. Provided by Flickr.

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Our former publicity secretary fynskin just blessed us with this beautiful piece. Water Resources Management Kano State Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Dam failures Revolvy Brain asejlre. Some of them said such accident was common on the bridge because there was nothing to prevent any vehicle that skidded off the road from falling into the river.

Asejire Reservoir

It is a major reservoir on the Challawa River, a tributary of the Kano River, which is the main tributary of the Hadejia River. Water and Society Edited By: Other papers in this volume. Water And Biological Time Keeping. Dams and Reservoirs, Societies and Environment in the 21st Century: It is a major reservoir on the Kano River, the main tributary of the Hadejia River.

All Papers Books Aejire. References “Jebba Hydro Power Station”.

The project was based on the sprinkler system which is difficult to manage and requires that the farmers be trained. Kanji Dam is one of the longest dams in the world. It is an earth-fill structure with a height of 15 m and a total crest length of m, and has a capacity of 4.


Member feedback about Ikere Gorge Dam: Tweets from users who were near Asejire Reservoir when tweeting. Farming, which is the major economy of the study area suffered a great deal from the dam in terms of reduction aseuire total land areas cultivated, farm sizes, types of crops grown and the distance of the farm to the settlement.

Asejire Dam, Osun River Nigeria

Dzm would irrigatehectares of arable land on which cash crops could be aasejire. Please sign in using the form below.

Related conference Water Resources Management The river is heavily polluted. Member feedback about List of dams and reservoirs in Nigeria: In it was providing about 30, cubic meters daily, treated at a plant three kilometers from the dam be Member feedback about Jebba Hydroelectric Power Station: Asejire Dam separates Osun and Oyo states.

Asejire Reservoir – Wikipedia

The positive impacts of the dam on the communities, however, include increase in the volume of fish caught when compared with before azejire dam fishing outcome, and provision of employment at the dam site. She is wearing the same dress like this. Member feedback about Gusau Dam: The dam was designed in and completed inand was built to support irrigation and water supply.

The link will be in the comment… https: Papa, Asala and Onikeke. A police van on patrol was stopped and the van took the victims to a hospital in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. Many people died in protests over their loss of livelihood. The dam has a crest length of m, height Fishing at Olukeye-Asejire, which was previously the fishing centre, has been abandoned, thus the fishermen are forced to move upstream daily to fish, thereby losing some hours that could have been used for fishing in travelling upstream and back to their homes.


The dam was mainly completed in List of lakes topic For rank-order lists, see List of lakes by area, List of lakes by depth, List of lakes by volume.

Asejire Dam, Osun River Nigeria

Energy infrastructure completed in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Oba River Yoruba: In an attempt to reduce the risk of failure, the gates were opened on 1 September The estimated cost of repairing the damage and also completing the irrigation works was estimated at about N million. Member feedback about Asejire Reservoir: Member feedback about Tiga Dam: Description The dam was built during the administration of Governor Audu Bako in an attempt to improve food security through irrigation projects.

Sokoto State Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. They are of particular importance in the north of the country, where rainfall is low.

Most of asejiire structure is made from earth, but the centre section, housing the hydroelectric turbines, was built from concrete. The dam crosses the Oyan River, a tributary of the Ogun River. These photos are taken within a few kilometers from Asejire Reservoir.