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Antonio Orejudo was born in Madrid in He has a doctorate in Spanish Philology and, for seven years, worked as a Spanish literature professor in different universities throughout the United States. Fabulosas narraciones por historias won the XX Tigre Juan Prize for the best first novel inone year after its publication. A member of the generation of Spanish authors giajar in the sixties, exposed to a wide range of literature from around the world, adding a new antomio to their interpretation of Spanish literature with no strings attached.

Antonio Orejudo is considered one of the most prejudo contemporary Spanish authors. Deceitful Marriage and Dialogue of the Dogs.

After admitting her husband into a psychiatric clinic, a woman returns by train to Madrid.

Editions of Ventajas de viajar en tren by Antonio Orejudo

Ventajas de viajar en tren, is a fictional narrative, alternating between monologues and dialogues, masterfully full of humor, irony, sarcasm and criticism. Ventajas de viajar en tren is a novel written as a series of antoniio inventive stories in a circular structure, which may be thematically connected, but not necessarily arranged in a logical and temporal sequence.

As per Orejudo, it can be read as a collection of short stories or a novel. As the novel progresses, Orejudo manages to give another twist to the plot, then another story unveils, and another storyteller emerges, keeping the reader on a continuous suspense in search of clues, appealing to our imagination and capacity to believe. Set against this backdrop, questions emerge about the boundaries between reality and imagination.


Ventajas de viajar en tren is a story o series of stories where reality and fiction constantly intertwine and confuse, moving from one topic to another with absolute freedom with its characters and narrators. War orphans Murder Child pornography and trafficking of human organs Croquet Military uniform.

Of his sudden return to home with one armed, after his deployment to Yugoslavia to investigate de murder of female young doctor from Seville. venrajas

She tgen him the truth about her brother. Martin was rejected by the army, he is a garbage collector. Attempting to straighten his life up, he moves to Yugoslavia where he falls in love with a young doctor from Seville.

Ventajas de viajar en tren

In order to not displease his father, he lies for the last time about being expelled from the army. He had falling into drugs, and was being paid with cocaine at his job selling encyclopedias.

After stealing some money, he leaves and hides in Madrid. End of deception, there is however a surprising revelation: Amelia turns out to be Martin disguised as a woman.

Orekudo has spent several years locked in his basement, storing the trash to avoid being killed. Antonio Orejudo has addressed in his works the demystification of the literary world: In chapter two titled: She is still in possession of the red carpet and the stories written by his patients. Characteristic of postmodern literature is the desire of the author to explore new realms combining subjects and genres not previously deemed fit for literature.


So is the case in these stories brought together under the realm of psychiatry and on the subject of mental disorders: She is going to Dr. A young woman invites her in. Martin Urales is a schizophrenic admitted to the psychiatric clinic, but it is free to go as he pleases, and to talk to people as part of his rehabilitation.

The critical response to this novel has been positive. As many other postmodernist writers he uses different styles and literary allusions in his writings, which he manages to do while maintaining a fresh and unique antonlo, that of an excellent storyteller and narrator.

Of interest to the university and academic market, but it will also appeal to the general public too. I highly recommend it. New Spanish Books US.

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February Antonio Orejudo was born in Madrid visjar Theme The fine line between fact and fiction, reality and imagination: P Antonio Orejudo has addressed in his works the demystification of the literary world: Ventajas de viajar en tren.

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