Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Since she received her “happily-ever-after” rocking chair as a All I Ever Wanted (Hqn) – Kindle edition by Kristan Higgins. It may sound trite, but when I read All I Ever Wanted, I laughed. I cried. Kristan Higgins has a gift for creating realistic, relatable heroines. What happens when you get all you ever dreamed of and find it’s not what you wanted?Callie Grey has got a great job, All I Ever Wanted. Kristan Higgins.

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I know I am guaranteed a few laughs, as well as a dash of tears. She the kind of friend that makes you not need enemies. I totally adore Ian when he declared his love for Callie. Callie goes about her everyday life afterwards while trying to studiously ignore Mark’s new flame wantsd get over her feelings for him. It helps, too, that Ian’s mother a crusader for various progressive causes is portrayed so negatively for putting her causes above caring for the people in her life, and thus triangulating that, for Callie at least, it’s all about personal relationships and caring for others.

Callie Grey is turning thirty, and her life simply isn’t going as planned. Callie short for Calliope–ha!

I most definitely didn’t want to keep feeling this way, alone in a love affair meant for two. Kristan Higgins’ novels are sweet, heartfelt, emotional and heartwarming romances infused with chuckle out loud humour and completely scandalous and out of the ordinary family members. Her mix of humor and emotion never fail to amaze me. Her feelings a man, almost she has loved all her life and then to meeting another man, processing their relationship, her life with her grandfather, divorced parents, cute nieces, strange sister and genious brother.


So he’s formal, orderly and just a bit tense.

Wanred on tiptoe, I kissed his cheek. I know Callie’s family a great cast of ancillary characters, including her grandfather and niecesI know her backstory, and we even get to know Ian’s tale. Perhaps you think you have enough of this. This was such a fun book! Until one day, her thirtieth birthday as a matter of fact, when Mark tells her that he’s dating someone else.

All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins

I was laughing out loud when her mom decides to throw her a three-oh birthday bash in the family funeral home. Modern Romance January Books But truthfully, I think Callie, the wqnted, needed exactly that. Jun 23, Jan rated it it was ok Shelves: Callie Grey just turned thirty, is living with her grandfather, and is in love with her boss-slash-ex…who is now seeing another woman in the office.

That’s what I love about Higgins. And then that happened after all in the next chapter. View all 14 comments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. We aim to ship your parcel within one working day of purchase, and it will usually be delivered within 10 days.

All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins

Callie has been in love with her boss for ages, and when Sigh. Callie Grey has got a great job, a great man, and fingers crossed, a w And apparently some romance readers find this unsatisfying. Higgins plays for laughs, but never really at the expense of her protagonist.

Where do you mean, here? I wouldn’t mind knowing someone like her. Add to that the fact that Dr.


I laughed out loud many times. Usually at Callie’s constant effervescence, her ginormous hound, or some combination of the two. This book was not read to me, I lived through it. Will this title be available in audio anytime soon? I don’t usually encounter a hero like him.

I really wanted to hop inside Ian’s head and read his mind. When Mark starts dating Muriel, the daughter of their biggest client, and even hires her to work at the agency, Callie comes up with a scheme to find a boyfriend for the sole purpose of trying to make Mark jealous.

All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins — All About Romance

I’m giving this two stars because the writing is excellent, the secondary characters really delivered and there were some very fun LOL moments. A few days later, after an embarrassing and crazy incident involving a turkey, Ian and Callie finally hook up and become a couple. View all 8 comments. I care about them. At least she doesn’t live in her family’s funeral home anymore, though they are holding her birthday party there this year.

She was too needy, immature and never grew into anything different. If I could have had any respect for Mark, I would have lost all of it when he started letting Muriel run the show.