The MSAR is the resource with detailed profiles for medical schools and baccalaureate-MD programs. With the addition of over 30 new enhancements to the. In , the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) received major enhancements, including a new look and feel! To help you get the most out of the . Answers to our frequently asked questions relating to the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) content. Topics include purchasing and using the.

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See articles and resources that will help you navigate toward a career in medicine.

Buying and Using the Medical School Admission Requirements™ FAQ

Visiting Student Learning Opportunities. Test takers become more familiar with what is tested and improve their preparation strategies accordingly. To remove a listing from Favorites, simply click the star icon until it is deactivated. Use the drop down categories above each chart to view acceptance, matriculant, and national data. Research and Training Opportunities. It contains information not found anywhere else. Awardees will be able to use their fee assistance award for up to two yearsand benefits will expire on December 31, the year after they were awarded.

Navigate the application process and explore schools

If you put your cursor within the image, a tool tip will appear to tell you which percentile you are viewing. You can download the file directly to your device or download on your computer, connect your device, and move the file into the folder on the “E” drive.


Medical School Survival Tips. Visiting Student Learning Opportunities.

How can I sort and filter information? With your one-year subscription, you can browse, search, sort, take notes, favorite, and compare individual U. In the MSAR, you can see a premedical coursework chart for each medical school which shows which courses they require and recommend as well as which courses can be taken online, through a community college, or through AP credit.

How can I save or remove a school as a favorite? Engage with Your Peers.

While viewing the search results, you can select the compare ,sar box beside the school listing. As of Aprilthis includes school-specific and national accepted applicant data for the MCAT exam.

These were provided directly by the medical schools to describe which courses fulfill their specific prerequisite requirements. Choosing a Medical Career.

The code is case sensitive. More From the Pre-Med Navigator. For information about how to get experience, review some of the resources the AAMC has on its website such as: Steps in the FindAResident Process. Training Opportunities for Residents and Fellows. Admission Requirements for Medical School.


Applying to Medical School. Training in a Residency or Fellowship. One thing to keep in mind is that the AMCAS application does not accept transcripts from international evaluation services. Now responsive, mobile friendly, and packed with new features, this updated format will help you stay organized as you identify the schools that might be a good fit for you.

Four Tips for Using the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR®)

The star will be activated and save the school or program in your Favorites until you remove it. For the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section score distribution, the 25 th and 50 th percentiles for this example are the same. Managing Your Medical Career. We’ve developed maar resources to support mzar as you navigate the application process and identify target medical schools: Why is some MSAR data different from the school web site?

Due to privacy concerns, scores reflecting a cohort of fewer than 10 applicants will not be displayed.