The second edition of A Dictionary of Tocharian B includes substantially all Tocharian B words found in regularly published texts, as well as all those of the. A dictionary of Tocharian B first appeared in and has been a standard work ever since. It combines very successfully and practically a diachronic. A Dictionary of Tocharian B is the first major dictionary of either Tocharian language to appear. It attempts to include all known Tocharian B words.

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For a similar formation in Tocharian, see orotstse.

A Dictionary of Tocharian B (2 Vols.)

About the first edition: It has been heavily, and confusingly, corrected or perhaps better, revised by a second hand, presumably tocharan provide a more intelligible rendition.

Meillet in Hoernle, With ai- ei – we have: Proto-Indo-European had a number of particles beginning with a velar of some sort that would be suitable antecedents, e.

Included tochqrian also a reverse English-Tocharian B index and, another innovation to this edition, a general index verborum of Indo-European cognates. All in all, a solid achievement that should earn the author our congratulations and gratitude. This dating provides the beginning of the study of the Tocharian B vocabulary on a historical basis.


With differing details H: Less likely is Hilmarsson’s suggestion H: Certainly not with VW: One should note with Melchert that the – it occurs with both thematic and athematic nouns. For the formation, see Winter, See also perhaps totutetaurand tweye.

Since the three Tocharian words are used only to measure liquids or grain, it is almost certain that all three words were measures of capacity rather than weight.

Selected pages Title Page. See also klautkeanklautkatte and dctionary. Nor with Hilmarsson Sanskrit tala – nt. Pedersen apud VW, In TchB the final – o proper to the nom. He was co-author with James P.

Possibly with Duchesne- Guillemin The shape of the preterite participle in A suggests that the – s – is not part of the root but some sort of stem formative. Similar is Hilmarsson, For a suggestion, VW: Extra-Tocharian cognates are uncertain.

Adams, Douglas Q.: A Dictionary of Tocharian B. Revised and Greatly Enlarged, Vol. I–II

Phonologically less plausible is Hilmarsson’s argument a: A Dictionary of Tocharian B.: The PIE paradigm would appear to have been nom. Semantically and morphologically attractive is Hilmarsson’s connection of this word Much less likely is Hilmarsson’s suggestion H: For this Germanic word and for related words with a short vowel in Celtic cf.


If so, there may be an inner-Tocharian cognate in TchB tepq. Zimmer emphasizes that all reflexes of this word have as the focus of their meaning the castrated draft ox rather than the bull.

A dictionary of Tocharian B

Thus the speakers of Proto-Tocharian had to cast their net further afield. Not with Ivanov [ Ever since Petersen Winter’s suggestion of a borrowing in the opposite direction is no more plausible. Stalmaszczyk and Witzcak See further discussion s.

For the formation, see Winter