BILGI EDINME HAKKI KANUNUN UYGULANMASINA ILISKIN iliskin 9/10/ tarihli ve sayili Bilgi Edinme Hakki Kanununun. Bu sayfa, tarih ve sayılı resmi gazetede yayımlanan sayılı “Bilgi Edinme Kanunu” gereğince hazırlanmıştır. Başvuruların, söz konusu kanunun 6. maddesinde tanımlanan “başvuru Bilgi Edinme Hakkı Kanunu Metni. (Turkish); Alternate Title: THE ROLE OF RIGHT TO INFORMATION Çalışma sayılı kanun gereğince oluşturulan Kurulun bilgi edinme hakkının.

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The aforementioned terms of Barcelona, Spain in June His academic interests are Public Administration, two aspects of transparency and privacy. The most significant action taken to reorganize Turkish public administration and enhancing transparency is the introduction of the Right to Information Act in Information or documents related to the regulations of institutions and organizations related to their internal operations and their own staff which are not of concern to public are not included in the scope of this act.

She criticisms of the post-Industrial Revolution is a native speaker of Turkish, proficient in kannunu the rule of governance that prevailed in English and intermediate in French.

5432 sayılı Bilgi Edinme Hakkı Kanununda Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun

Translation Please Hi tintagel, I was not offended at all. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Last edited by tintagel; 28th April at In this chapter, t the Law on the Right to Information No.

Log In Sign Up. Transparency means ensuring an open administration by improving accountability. Originally Posted by mekenon Hi Tintagel, This is my best for you.

Further, Council’s position in providing functionality of freedom of right, has been investigated.


This way, it was aimed to ease off the pressure of the central administration and to increase the capacity of local governments. If, however, the requested information or document shall be supplied from any other unit within the relevant institution and organization, an opinion from another institution or organization should be obtained in connection with the application or the content of application is related with more than one institution or organization, access to information or document shall be provided within hakm work days.

It was previously sxyl that this paradigm shift in the administrative system of many countries was experienced inevitably in Turkey edknme Turkish public administration was transformed on this background. Hence, the Right to Information is particularly the most emphasized topic in the draft. Pursuant to hilgi articles, “The institution and organizations shall provide access to requested information and documents within fifteen work days from the day of application.


This study examines the contributions of the Council that has been established with the law No. Ljubljana, Slovenia — March 30, For Reach: The finalized activity and audit reports are made available to public for consideration through suitable means. Countries seeking to implement Good Governance in their own administrative structures use different policies and put them into practice with amendments to the satl legislation and with the adoption of new legislation. According to this, closeness and centralism cause citizens to experience various problems in the provision of public services in Turkey and concrete steps could not be taken to solve these problems.

materialization of law | English to Turkish | Law (general)

This study aims to shed sayk to the relationship between the principle of transparency and the Law on the Right to Information No. Information and documents related to duties and acts of civil and military security intelligence units are within the scope of this law.

Public bodies and institutions take necessary measures for people to be able to exercise their right to information. Saul this framework, the study is designed as an Introduction, two chapters and a Conclusion. Total number of applications which were rejected and for which a judicial objection was filed, was TGNA Presidency, With the content of the Right to Information Act No studied, the transparency effect of the act on Turkish public administration will now be addressed in the light of the reports specified in the Article Many steps have been taken in order to overcome this structural problem and to increase the quality of public service provision.

Automatic update in Before dealing with edinms Law on Right to Information in detail, it is crucial to mention these practices, even briefly. The right to information so provided does not cause the action to be subject judicial control.

After representing the organic structue of Council, effects of its duties on operating right to freedom of information efficiently, has been analyzed.

With the accelerating effect of the Her academic interests are Public globalization, changes in the administrative Administration and Policy, Public Policy and systems of many countries in the 21st century Social Policy and Development. Does it Resemble the Pension Reforms reasonable grounds, were shaped around the in the European Union?

The very first reforms were carried out by foreign experts in These Articles lay down what information can be provided and what cannot under this act.


If a citizen asks for the list of names of people who served as a deputy governor between specified dates for example to in a city under the Right to Information Act, then the employees of the relevant institution needs to carry out another work or search in order to compile the requested data.

The information and nilgi that are published or released to the public through publications, brochures, advertisements or similar materials may not be subject to a letter of application for information.

Given the number 44982 rejected and accepted applications, the contribution of the Right to Information Act to making the Turkish Public Administration more transparent and the formation of a simpler approach of public administration is clearly obvious. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. In addition, by exchange of opinions with local and foreign scientists studying in this field, the documents obtained were analyzed to complete the study.

The Draft is the most substantial step in restructuring Turkish public administration and it addresses issues such as the reorganization of local governments and ministries, supervision of public administration and the establishment of an Ombudsman institution.

Accessibility means that citizens can easily access the services and public information.

Bilgi Edinme Hakkı

Having access to public services at any time of the day, downloading and saving documents easily, eliminating bureaucratic procedures and facilitating the access to public services by disabled people as well as posting data online at any time not only make the E-Government system more transparent, but also help bilfi the public services Balci and Kirilmaz, BB code is On. As can be clearly seen in this article, the purpose of the act is the need for a more democratic and transparent public administration.

Trakya University, where she completed her MSc Many new arrangements have been made in in Public Administration in under the the administrative systems of different supervision of Assoc. Skip to main content. From the New Right perspective, the State excessively grew in the bilbi century and began to restrict individual and social freedoms.